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Tasty and Easy Cream Tomato Soup


by Agnieszka

Hot, summer aura for me is a time when I eat less. The heat influences me this way, so then the best solution is to drink a lot and cook more soup alike dishes. They’re lighter and don’t make you feel bloated. However, in a creamy option, they are just right and give you enough energy for the whole day. This time I decided to go for a tomato cream soup, in my version with a strong herby taste with a note of garlic and some added croutons.




approx. 8 big or 12 smaller tomatoes 


2 medium-sized onions


3 garlic cloves


tablespoon of butter


olive oil or sunflower oil


stock or stock cube dissolved in 500 ml of water


seasoning: salt, black pepper, basil, oregano, optionally hot, ground red pepper 


fresh basil leaves to decorate the dish


*Optionally for the croutons






ground, dried garlic


ground, dried, red sweet pepper






Sharp knife 


Ricer (optionally)

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-14 o 18.43.50.png


Dice the onion up. Warm up the pot with some olive oil or oil in. Fry the onions on a small setting. Chop the garlic cloves and then add to the onions. In the other pot warm up the stock or dissolve the stock cube. Warm-up on a low heat setting. Peel tomatoes and dice them up. Add them to onions and garlic and fry all together for around 10 minutes. Pour the preheated stock into the pot with tomatoes. Add a tablespoon of butter to reduce sourness. Cook everything for around 20 minutes and stir thoroughly or until all ingredients are soft. Add seasoning and stir. Leave to cool down (you shouldn’t blend the soup when it’s very hot to avoid getting burned or overheating the blender). 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-14 o 18.55.01.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-14 o 18.55.40.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-14 o 18.57.40.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-14 o 18.59.08.png

In the meantime, optionally, you can prepare the croutons. Spread butter on the bread slices and put some garlic and red pepper on top. Dice the bread up and put on the oven tray. Bake for around 10 minutes in 150 °C. 

When the soup is cooled down, blend it until it’s smooth. Serve in deep bowls with some croutons and fresh basil. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-14 o 19.00.14.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-14 o 19.02.30.png


Let me know how did you like this recipe and, of course, if you’ve got any other nice recipes for cream soups hit me up in the comments below!

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