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It’s a really exciting subject for me as I have finally found out what’s good for my hair, what products to use and in what configuration. I came to the conclusion by trials and errors and can honestly say, that my hair never looked and felt so good.

I guess you remember my last post about my skin condition, rosacea, moaning about wearing face masks and the start of my treatment. Now, when I’m 3 weeks in I can share some results with you and as you can tell from the photo, they are quite impressive.


How wearing a mask and stress have ruined my skin and got it to a very serious condition, which I will be treating for several months.

Even though it’s cloudy and gloomy outside I’m coming to you in a spring mood and some hair inspo!

In Spring/Summer with windy days and those much warmer, it is something’s hard to make it look decent, especially with long hair. Today I’ll show you my 4 hairstyle ideas for S/S 2021!


My skin around the lips and the nose was red and dried. My first and most obvious diagnosis was: I bet it’s from wearing a mask. Not once we have been reading about the phenomenon of maskne or tired skin from under the face mask that cannot breathe. However, I have started wearing the visor at work, to let it rest and the problem was still there. Moreover, my skin condition started to get worse.

As you may already know from my previous posts I really like taking care of my hair and at the moment I’m trying to get it to a really good condition and to look healthy. I always had beautiful and long hair and then, a couple of years ago I decided to bleach it white. I cannot say that I regret as this was quite a successful makeover. However, my hair was so damaged and literally fried from the bleach that it's become dry and matte.

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