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Hi everyone! This time I’m coming back with last month’s favourites. Although, I thought there will be more summery items the weather isn’t quite like we’ve imagined and we mostly spend our days on puzzles and watching films. So on this rather autumnal day (at least in the UK) let’s go through some of my fave things from June!


Hi everyone! I hope that you all can feel the spring and enjoy the beautiful sunlight! I don’t know about you, but on sunny days I feel way more energized and having a lot of motivation to get up in the morning, comparing to cloudy and gloomy days. It’s almost like the sunlight is charging my batteries somehow. However, today I’ll be summing up the month that wasn’t as sunny, and I would actually say we had pretty much every weather possible.

Hi everyone! I hope you can already feel this lovely spring sun and that we are going towards better, warmer days. I feel really happy about that as it gave me a big motivational kick. Beautiful weather and sun coming through my windows work as a big mood booster and give me a lot of positive energy. Today I wanted to share with you my favourite things from this last (I hope) winter month. 

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We’ve just gone through the first month of the new year, well done! That means that it’s the time to sum up this month, which has actually gone quite quickly for me. I have tried to spend every day being productive and not to go crazy in another lockdown. I hope that the new year has been good to you by now and that you’re handling this whole situation that we’re stuck in (for a year now) alright.

Today something a little bit different. I'll tell you what I study and why in the UK, what I'm passionate about and what I'd like to do in the future. You'll also find out what my course and the uni has got to offer. 

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I start 2021 with summing up last month. The Last Month Favourites series is back and I have just realized that I’ve skipped one month (oops!). December was special for me, mostly because I’ve prepared my first ever traditional Christmas Eve dinner, was cooking a lot of good food and had a little bit of rest.

Just as I promised last week, this time I want to show you a bunch of gift inspiration for him! So if you don't know what to get for your dad, boyfriend, husband or brother then have a look at this guide, which is full of ideas for a thoughtful gift. 


Lack of ideas for a gift for your love, mum, sister or a friend? Look no further! Here's a gift guide full of thoughtful presents that won't leave you broke and will be a great surprise for that special one!

Today I’m coming to you with a light topic and potential new series on here which is last month’s essentials. It will be a kind of me summing up what’s been going on, what things I couldn’t live without and what’s worth watching, reading and listening to. 


Green pesto with some Italian seasoning is something that really reminds me of summertime. It’s also because I’m using some fresh basil and spinach to prepare it. For me it’s like summer in a jar, a dish that is a little bit labour consuming with a medium advance level, but how delicious!

Long, autumn evenings are perfect to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, grab some hot tea and spend time catching up on films and shows. Today, I’m coming on with a subjective list of movies and series that for me are worth watching on Netflix.


Today, I’m coming back with an easy clafoutis recipe with some strawberries and blueberries, that I have made last month for my little birthday reception. It was my first time back then but it turned out to be great and now is a staple in my sweet repertoire

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