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Weekend In The Town: Flouncy Sleeves 


by Agnieszka

Beautiful weather has come back to the UK and Saturday was especially hot. It’s a perfect aura for a walk or a picnic in the park so we as well decided to go and wander around the town a little bit. All of the shops are open and people are back out, which feels oddly normal but also feels really good. For this walk, I have picked the outfit that is comfy and elegant at the same time. I have paired my leather Birkenstocks with classic black shorts and a blouse hand made by me from material that looks like suede. When I was making it I wanted it to be both practical and eye-catching so I have added flouncy, layered tulle sleeves for a voluminous effect. With this kind of outfit you don’t really need too much jewellery so I went for a simple anklet, as they are having a big comeback now. An outfit like this is perfect for many different occasions like an evening out in a pub or restaurant or a picnic in the park to name a few. 

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