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A Beauty Brand To Know


by Agnieszka

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Glossier is a top choice right now but it's not surprising as their products are the best to get you a glowing skin. Available in the UK with fast delivery service is a must-try for any beauty enthusiast.

Some time ago I decided to give it a go and ordered The Makeup Set which includes their 3 hit products that are the perfect base for a fresh-looking face. Within it you get a Lash Slick mascara, Boy Brow brow wax pomade and the best of them all Cloud Paint creamy blush.

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The mascara has really positively surprised me. I needed a mascara that won’t leave you with the fake lashes effect but will nicely highlight the natural shape of the eye. Lash Slick doesn’t make the lashes sticky and the applicator separates them effectively. Apart from that it is very durable and stays on even on hot days when your make up usually melts. This one isn’t waterproof but it’s smudge-resistant so a little bit of water won’t ruin your eyes. The price is very reasonable as well as it is only £14 which is a very good price and it can easily compete with much more expensive mascaras.

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Boy Brow which is one of their hero products did not make me impressed. However, there is nothing wrong with its quality or how it works but simply it isn’t the best for me. I’ve got naturally thin and fair eyebrows and it turns out that this wax is just not enough to make them look full enough. I needed to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps that were left and create hair-like-strokes. Although, its main asset is the formula that is buildable and lets you create the colour that you need. Its price is also £14 and it comes in 4 shades: Clear, Blond, Brown and Black.

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Last but not least my favourite product that I could talk about endlessly. Cloud Paint is the best blush that I have ever used and it is available in 6 shades for the best possible match. The packaging that literally looks like a little paint tube makes the application really easy but don’t use too much of the product, as you may end up looking like a clown. A tiny bit is enough for a sun-kissed skin effect. I have chosen the shade called Beam which is a sunny coral that actually just blends into your skin. For me, it’s one of the best makeup products I have ever used and it will definitely stay with me for a long time! This one is £15.

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What’s also a big plus is that Glossier picks its bestsellers and combines them in sets, usually of 3 products, that let u save some money. For example for those 3 products you would have to pay £43 but buying them as The Makeup Set you can save 18% and have them for £35. It is also good to know that for your first order you get a 10% discount as well as a referral code to share with friends which can also give you some nice bonus discounts for the future. Also on orders above £30, the standard shipping is free, a treat isn’t it?

If you haven’t tried Glossier already then you are missing out and it is really worth giving it a go, I’m sure you will love it.

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