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Le Mini Macaron: Gel Manicure From The Comfort Of Your Home


by Agnieszka


In today’s post, I wanted to show you another one of my lockdown discoveries. I came up with it because I was quite tired of painting my nails twice a week because my nail polish didn’t look good after a really short time. I have discovered Le Mini Macaron on Instagram, they are a brand that is creating a gel polishes and gel nail kits which you can use to create a perfect manicure from the comfort of your own home. I thought that I should definitely try that and see if this is something for me. I have ordered a starter kit where you get gel polish, little UV lamp that looks like a tiny macaron, USB cable, nail file, little cuticles removal tool, instructions and 10 removal pads. The kit is great and is packed in the most beautiful way, as well as all the elements are very aesthetically pleasing.


The step by step instruction attached to the kit is very easy but apart from that, there are lots of tutorial resources on

Le Mini Macaron Instagram and their website that will make the gel application even easier and more fun. I have also made a little video tutorial on how to apply gel according to LMM advice which is up in my Instagram and Vanilla Sparks' Facebook stories available for 24h and will be also saved to my Instagram Highlights


Here I would love to share with you my first and second impressions on the product. My first adventure with LMM wasn’t bad but also not perfect, but this is totally my fault. I was really excited when the package arrived and I decided to try it out straight away. I didn’t prepare myself properly for the application and I could see the bad quality of my work after just a few days. The gel has just gone off my nails, and this was a lesson for me not to hurt and do it as it should be done. Before my next attempt, I have watched many tutorials made my LMM and I need to admit that their advice is really accurate and makes working with the product really easy. The next time everything ran smoothly. I usually do wear my nails for around 2 weeks, only because my nails grow up quite fast and I don’t want them to look bad, but I’m pretty sure that it would last even longer.


When it comes to the gel I have picked a shade called Milkshake and has my reasons. For the first I think that the white polish is a must-have for the summer as it looks perfect with tanned skin, and for the second the most beautiful design of the UV lamp was attached to this particular kit, it’s white and gold and looks so elegant. It is also very practical as you can take it with you anywhere and just put it in your bag. Le Mini Macaron products are available on and on their official website. You can buy gel polish separately just as removal pads which are really affordable as you can buy them in a pack of 100. Below I will link a couple of my favourite shades from their range.

Zrzut ekranu 2020-07-7 o 18.28.17.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-07-7 o 17.20.35.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-07-7 o 17.19.31.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-07-7 o 17.17.55.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-07-7 o 17.21.40.png

That’s all for today! Don’t forget to have a look at my Instagram @agnieszka_mrowka and Vanilla Sparks’ Facebook, where you can find a step by step on how to use Le Mini Macaron gel.

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