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Natural And Dewy Makeup Look


by Agnieszka

In hot summertime, I usually do lightweight and natural makeup to let my skin breathe and don’t block it too much and at the same time give it good protection from the environmental factors. In the morning I always start with some skincare that I finish with a lightweight creme with SPF15.

Next, I start doing my makeup which begins with using Clinique Even Better Glow foundation also with SPF15, that has a light texture and gives the skin a natural and healthy look. I know that probably many of you that know more about the makeup and the order you should apply it in will say that I’m wrong and what’s even worse I share my tips with others. However, the order in which I’m applying my makeup is tailored to my needs and just feels the most convenient for me. So I’m not trying to make you follow me step by step but maybe there’ll be something that you’ll feel is worth introducing into your makeup routine.


Back to the point, this foundation gives me a perfect makeup base and makes the skin look dewy, without the extra shine. I’m using the shade Stone (WN 38) which may seem a little bit dark, and it actually is darker than my face, however, it is a perfect match for the colour of the rest of my body. That’s because I don’t expose my face to the UV so I don’t get it tanned and also don’t really use any self-tan on my face at the moment.

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-19 o 21.58.41.png

The next step is a delicate concealer. I use it mainly in the under-eye area and directly if I have a spot or a scar. This one is a Burberry Fresh Glow Gel Stick and is actually a foundation and concealer in one. I bought it around a year ago in TK Maxx and since then it’s my everyday go-to. It’s really long-lasting and effective. My shade is Honey Beige and it’s available on Burberry's website.

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-19 o 22.17.29.png

Next up we’ve got brows and that is something that I need to work on quite intensively. My natural brows are very fair and thin, and its colour doesn’t really match the colour of my hair. From a while, I’m doing them in two stages. First I use Glossier Boy Brow in shade Brown which makes them darker and holds the hair in place. Next, I’m using a very precise pencil Kat Von D Signature Brow in colour Walnut. Before I have started using Glossier I was using that pencil only and I think that it is enough to create a nice polished look. Now, I’m using the pencil to fill in any gaps and create hair-like strokes where I need to. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-28 o 21.31.41.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-19 o 22.15.36.png

Next step is a bronzer that I’m using to warm up my makeup and give my face a tiny bit of contour. I apply it mainly in the area under my cheekbones, hairline, under and on the sides of the nose and right under my lower lip. I’ve been using Hoola from Benefit for many years now and I wouldn’t change it for any other one. The colour is perfect, it’s easy to apply and long-lasting. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-19 o 22.17.10.png

Next up is a highlighter. For this makeup look I’ve used the Glossier Futuredew serum instead but I usually use Nude By Nature highlighter stick. I apply it on top of my nose, highest points of my cheeks, middle parts of my eyelids and the cupid’s bow which is the upper-middle part of your lips. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-4 o 21.35.42.png
Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-28 o 21.14.34.png

Then I’m using any kind of dark/ dark brown eyeshadow to draw a flicked line on my eyelid which will sculpt the eye optically. Next up I curl my lashes using the lash curler and then go for some mascara. At the moment I’m using Glossier Lash Slick but before I’ve discovered it I used to always go for Maybelline Lash Sensational as it really does the job.

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-28 o 21.42.09.png

The last step is adding some blush that creates an effect of the sun-kissed skin, just as if you’ve just left the sunbed. I think that creamy blushes are the best as they are the easiest to apply and they kind of blend into the skin. I use the Glossier Cloud Paint but any creamy blush will do. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-08-28 o 21.42.40.png

This way I’m creating an everyday glowy makeup in not more than 20 minutes. Let me know what you think and if you know any other great products for a lightweight makeup do let me know in comments below (taking recommendations).

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