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Give Your Clothes a Second Life


by Agnieszka


During the lockdown, I had much more time for new house works and activities. They’ve included general tidying, colour-organising my wardrobe and going through my shoes and clothes. While doing it I have realised that the condition of lots of my clothes is far from good and they just look very worn. Then I have realised that someone has invented a great tool which is a fabric shaver, a thing that I needed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one so I have started searching the Internet immediately. It wasn’t easy, turns out that it is not such a popular tool in the UK and the selection was quite limited. However, my choice was a shaver from Philips, as it is, in general, quite a popular brand and I was always happy with the quality of their products. The price was also really affordable, with great design, because I think it looks very neat and elegant. 

How it’s made is also worth mentioning, as they’ve used good quality materials and it’s very comfortable to use. I also need to admit, it really does the job. Below you can see a couple of results that I was able to achieve with it with a minimal work input.



The blanket seemed to be out of colour and its structure wasn't quite visible



The cardigan has become quite rough and the texture wasn't visible



There were lots of pills on the surface of this top which has made it very rough and it looked as it was very old



The blanket got its softness back and the texture is now well visible



(The part visible at the top is after and the bottom is before for a better comparison) The texture has become way more visible and the cardigan is now softer



After shaving the top got a fresher look and became mellow

The most effective metamorphosis 



The surface of this blouse was entirely covered with pills which has changed its colour and made it very rough



Pills are gone! I couldn't believe in this result, the blouse looks and feels like new

The only tips that I could share after using it are empty the waste container quite regularly as it does fill up fast. I think its size is the only disadvantage. A thing that is also worth knowing is that you shouldn’t really use it on a surface that has a lot of big fabric pills on top. They can easily get into the shaver and that can in result damage the textile. If they are big it is better to cut them off gently using the scissors prior to shaving. Apart from that, I am very happy with the results and it feels nice for the clothes and the feeling on the skin they leave. So if your clothes need a little breathe and refreshing a shaver is definitely worth investing in (and it’s really good fun too!).

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