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Easy And Appealing Table Setting 


by Agnieszka

Three months in quarantine right after moving house were great on the one hand but also felt quite limiting. We moved in February and before we have managed to fully set ourselves up in the new flat the whole country went into lockdown. We didn’t have a chance to invite our friends and share our happiness with them. But now, when meeting up inside is permitted again we thought that it’s a good time to finally invite our closest ones to spend some time together.


Here come the new challenges. Before we moved and started a real life on our own, I have always imagined how it will be to organise your own little parties, cook for friends and take care of interior related things. Today, I would love to share with you how for this occasion I have set up the most important thing for every dinner, the table. 

Pinterest was a big help here, as it always is when I need some inspiration. But apart from purely visual aspects, everything needs to be thoughtfully set up to provide comfort for our guests.


For this occasion, I have decided to use tableware in a beautiful navy colour that I’ve bought in Ikea, and with it, gold cutlery set from the brand called Ambition. That gold set was on my wishlist for a long time, and I finally got it from my beloved parents as a Christmas present. I have decided to keep the rest of the tableware in rather neutral shades for nice, contrasting effect.

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