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The Remedy For Dry Hair And Skin


by Agnieszka


Lockdown is a perfect time to take care of yourself and your habits, as well as improve on them day by day. However, it’s easy to lose yourself in it and overdo things. 


Because of a lack of vitamins and unbalanced diet condition of my hair and skin has got much worse over the past few weeks. They were dull and dry and totally lost the shine. But only improving my diet and eating habits was not enough to get them back to a good condition. That’s when I have started looking for some natural remedies to help me out with getting them back to normal.


I have found out about The Ordinary a while ago when I was looking for acne skin remedies, but apart from acids, they offer lots of natural oils and serums that can be used on both, hair and skin. My choice was argan oil as it is strong nourishing and hydrating properties. I have chosen The Ordinary 100% Moroccan Argan Oil and started testing straight away. You should apply it on damp hair and use around 2-3 drops per application, depending on how long your hair is. I didn’t really expect immediate results, but I was really surprised when after two days my hair looked totally different. Main changes were less frizz (and it didn’t get so tangled), shine and decreased visibility of split ends. I have also noticed that the oil is very efficient, has a rich formula and a very nice, neutral scent. 


During trying the oil out with my hair I have also given it a go when it comes to the face. I have been applying approx.

1-2 drops on the cleansed skin. I couldn’t use it for too long as it turned out that my acne-prone skin doesn’t really like it, and it gave me a couple of breakouts. However, my skin after using it was really hydrated and glowy.

When it comes to the hair, the oil has done very well, if not amazing. After 2,5 a week of using my hair has changed diametrically. Split ends are gone and my hair became very hydrated and soft. At the whole length, it stopped the frizz and the feel of over dried hair. But what is the most satisfying is that they are not tangled anymore, doesn’t matter if dry or wet. What I am also very satisfied with is how efficient it is, because after almost 3 weeks of using not a lot has gone from the bottle. 

Below, I wanted to show you a little before and after picture of my hair just to hopefully visualise the opinion a little.




(hair shortened a little bit)




(hair shortened a little bit)


The Ordinary products are available on many platforms around the UK such as lookfantastic, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay or even Boots, as well as on their mother company website The price may slightly vary but for this oil, it’s usually around £5.90, which is very affordable and such a good price. 

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