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A Netflix Show That Is Really Worth Watching


by Agnieszka

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With tens of new Netflix shows each week it’s hard to remember or find time to have a look at all of them that seemed to be interesting. However, there is one that has been released recently and is really worth watching. It’s a Polish production realised as one of Netflix Originals that is based on the book by Harlan Coben (creator of Safe or The Stranger) and its title is The Woods

The action is set in the past (1994) and the present times (2019) where we meet prosecutor Pawel Kopinski. 25 years ago, in 1994 he was a junior counsellor at Korczak High School summer camp, where a group of four teenagers went into the forest and never came back. Bodies of two of them have been found during the investigation, but the other two remained missing, including Pawel’s sister, Kamila. After 25 years he gets involved in a murder case which is strictly related to the events from the summer camp. He gets together with Laura, his old love from the times of high school, to find out what exactly has happened in 1994 and find out the through about what happened to his sister. 


I think the casting really enriched the story and gave it such an intense character. What is worth noticing is how the younger actors show a variety of emotions on screen by even slightly moderating their voice. This is why I would recommend you watch it in an original language version with English subtitles, to hear how well emotions are being shown. 


The story is very well written and told, and we get the answers for all the nurturing questions by the end of episode 6 (which is the final episode). 

I really hope that you will find this one interesting and please share what you think about it after watching!

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